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Field of Hopes and Dreams

hail naw x3

abt me!

Philza/Ph1lzA! <:) you can also call me Dadza, though, I'd prefer if I knew you well enough! I am pansexual, polyamourus, and bigender (nb and male) I am also crowgender! I am around my 30s (34 source wise). I am hispasian bodily! Also, If you have seen our hosts carrd then you might know some..mental illnesses and disorders we have <:')! The most you have to know is just we have autism, bpd, psychosis, npd, adhd, mdd, and much more! We are indeed a OSDD sys <:).This will affect me and all of us and know we communicate or anything in general! Oh and I am also an introject! I am a caretaker and a protector!


Racist, lgbtphobic, anti-mogai, anti-neos + anti-xenos, islamophobic, albeist, genuine suibater, support dream or schlatt!!!/srs. if you're white, kinda srs. you think "blackwashing" is a thing. you fetishize cultures or have those "japancore" accounts, zoophile, pedophile, MAP, proshipper, transphobic, endo sys, kinnie (the ones who actually kin for relating reasons are fine.), fictkinnie, use offensive pronouns, say your problematic, problematic in gen, diagnose yourself without any research, fake illnesses and or disorders, allistic cis white people, reality checkers, reality check without permission, reality check unharmful things, -13 n 18+.


Interests! are art, music, gardening, crows, birds, angels, deer, animals, poems, writing, baking, cooking, puns, calligraphy, plushies, sweets, your interests!, ramune, wings, forests, places, outside, astrology, science things, polaroids, colors!, comic books, games, how to be a father 101.., and more! Dislikes! irl gore or gore in general (you can still show me, just ask), animals being hurt, abuse, my source in some cases, mentions of my sons dying, people disliking my interests, bad stuff, ignorance, rude people, guiltripping, manipulation, and more!